Social Causes of Obesity

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Although a number of factors determine whether someone will become obese or not, one of the things that can affect your likelihood of gaining weight is the people in your social network. This means your friends, family and coworkers. People are influenced by the ideas and habits of the people in their social network, including those about food and exercise. This means if your best friend thinks nothing of eating junk food, or typically consumes large portions, you may find yourself doing the same and gaining weight as a result of this. [Read more]

Most people are well aware of the increased risk of disease that is associated with being obese. In addition to increasing your risk of conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol and heart disease, recent research has found that there is an increased risk of accidental injury in adults and children who are overweight as well. [Read more]

Medical weight management in Beverly Hills can assist you with making the lifestyle changes necessary for permanent weight loss. With a medically supervised diet, you will learn to overcome the obstacles common to yo-yo dieters, and will be able to change your thinking to coincide with your new healthier lifestyle. This includes not using food for emotional reasons, listening to the body’s hunger cues and learning to stop eating when full. [Read more]

Top 9 Tips to Lose Weight

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Losing weight can be difficult. Full meal replacement programs such as the OPTIFAST in Los Angeles can help you to reach your weight loss goal, but it is up to you to make changes in your diet that will help you to keep the weight off long term. Here are ten tips to help you lose weight and keep it off following a medical weight loss program in Los Angeles. [Read more]

Controlling your Weight

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Weight control is no easy task, especially for someone riding the perpetual roller-coaster of yo-yo diets. Finding a suitable weight to promote good health can take many tries before reaching a state of balance. Constant exposure to fad diets does not help the process and it is easy to get drawn in to the fantastic claims of fast weight loss with a promising gimmick or product. You have to decipher the credible information from the myths and this is particularly difficult when trying to find a weight loss plan in Beverly Hills, where diet fads abound. [Read more]

Five tips for Fighting Back Pain

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About four out of every five people will suffer from back pain at some point. Pain can be caused by posture, an acute injury or repetitive stress. For many patients that suffer from back pain, prolotherapy can help relieve a great deal of the discomfort. Whether you are currently suffering from back pain, or whether you wish to prevent it in the future, here are five things that you can do: [Read more]

Benefits of Lipotropic Injections

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Lipotropic injections are a great tool to enhance the weight loss efforts of those that need help reaching their weight loss goal. Lipotropic injections are ideal for individuals that are already working on losing weight, but find that diet and exercise just are not enough to break past a weight loss plateau. By adding lipotropic injections to your existing weight loss regimen you could lose an extra pound every week! [Read more]

Therapy Treatments for Cellulite

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People don’t just go to a weight loss center in Los Angeles to lose weight, although that certainly is a goal of many. Some people seek cellulite therapy treatment from a weight loss center as well. In addition to lifestyle changes such as a healthy diet and exercise, cellulite can be treated through laser therapy, mesotherapy, and radio frequency therapy. [Read more]

Since a significant percentage of the human body is water, there’s no doubt that it’s known for its anti-aging and weight loss properties. We keep hearing and reading that it is important to drink enough water per day. But how much water should we be drinking and from what source? [Read more]

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