Regular weigh-ins are important components of any medical weight loss program, but they don’t always tell the whole story. Losing weight will mean many positive changes in your health and lifestyle, and these are qualities that no scale can measure. During your program, paying attention to these changes can help you stay motivated and cognizant of all the good that weight loss is doing beyond your overall bodyweight. [Read more]

Because it gives you the tools and support you need to be successful, medical weight loss can help you achieve steady, dramatic weight loss. But even with the help of a weight loss program, you may find that your progress slows or pauses unexpectedly, and this may mean you’ve come to a weight loss plateau. [Read more]

Healthy Eating on a Dime

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It’s true you aren’t going to find the types of foods you should be eating on your medical weight loss diet on the dollar menu, but that doesn’t mean eating healthy will be expensive. When done right, a healthy diet can work on absolutely any budget. However, when it comes to eating healthy you are going to have to change the places you are looking for food—especially if you are trying not to let your new healthy habits break the bank. [Read more]

If you’ve ever skipped a workout, there’s a good chance that time had something to do with it. Time is one of our most valuable and limited resources, and something that can seem especially scarce during medical weight loss. On top of your normal responsibilities, you’ll have new diet and exercise habits to follow, and this can make it seem tough to keep up. [Read more]

If you think of your diet as a chore, you may be missing one important fact about healthy food: it can be delicious and exciting. Often, we dislike the idea of eating healthy not because we find healthy food distasteful, but rather because we haven’t explored the culinary world in enough depth. Even if a full OPTIFAST program has made your dietary decisions easier, now is the perfect time to take another look at the world of healthy food and start finding things you love about nutritious meals. [Read more]

One of the most pressing questions for anyone focused on weight loss is surprisingly difficult to answer: what should I eat for dinner? Though meal replacements may simplify your dietary decisions during medical weight loss in Los Angeles, you won’t be able to rely on OPTIFAST forever. Once your program is over and you’re ready to maintain the weight loss you’ve achieved, it will be up to you to make healthy and nutritious meals, and this means many trips to the supermarket. [Read more]

Lunchtime with Medical Weight Loss

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In Los Angeles, medical weight loss diets can steer you away from poor dining choices and help you make wise decisions as hunger sets in. By stocking your home with healthy foods you can start to prepare healthy foods for breakfast and dinner without too much planning, but this isn’t the case at lunch time. [Read more]

Spring is a time of renewal. The flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping, the trees are coming back to life after a dry and dull winter. Even places with year round temperate weather like Los Angeles get a big boost at springtime. As you are trying to lose weight it can benefit you to take advantage of the splendid weather around you and spend some more time outside. [Read more]

During your medical weight loss program this feeling of perpetually fleeting time is likely to be amplified. Following your meal plan and using proven strategies like lipotropic injections in Los Angeles will give your weight loss efforts a boost, but there are still a great deal of lifestyle changes you are going to have to incorporate into your day to day schedule—especially as you attempt to maintain your weight loss when your medical weight loss program comes to an end. [Read more]

For those of us who aren’t culinarily-inclined, menus can sometimes seem like they are speaking a different language (and sometimes they actually are). The words sound great on paper, but don’t offer much insight into how the dish is prepared or what we can expect when it is brought out to the table. When you are on a weight loss plan this is a dangerous situation. One moment you think you are making a wise and healthy choice, and then just a few minutes later you are face to face with a bed of cheese and fried foods. [Read more]

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