Living in the Los Angeles and Beverly Hills area, we are front and center to witness a lot of the crazy fads people try in hopes of losing weight. Since as far back as the early 18th century, people have been looking for ways to lose weight or become stick-thin without putting in the effort. It seems that since comfort levels advanced enough for us to gain weight people have been dreaming up ways to lose it. [Read more]

Fighting Flab after Forty

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Our bodies change a lot as we age. Weight gain and fatigue tend to increase while bone health deteriorates. In women, perimenopause often begins in during the late 30s and estrogen levels continue to decline through the 40s as hormonal levels change. With all of these bodily changes it can be really hard to maintain good health as you age. Medical weight loss programs featuring physician support and lipotropic injections can help you to overcome the burdening bulge of age. [Read more]

Funny Weight Loss Tricks to Try

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How would you feel if everywhere you sat down to eat there was a mirror placed right in front you, reflecting your every move as you eat your food? It may sound a little crazy but this is actually considered an unconventional trick to help facilitate weight loss. These weight loss solutions are not going to help you in the same way as your lipotropic injections or other medical weight loss plans, but if you feel like having a bit of fun as you progress towards a healthier lifestyle then by all means, give it a try—just check in with Dr. Kerendian first. [Read more]

The waistlines of Americans have been on a steady increase over the years. People who have Body Mass Indexes (BMI) above 30 are generally considered to be obese. In 1995, the number of obese Americans stood at 16 percent. However, the value rose to 27 percent by 2012. These increasing rates of obesity have made weight loss diets in Beverly Hills an important aspect of conversation. [Read more]

Consider your Future Self

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One common problem faced by people who attempt to make major changes in their life is the tendency to choose short term benefits today over long term benefits tomorrow. If you are considering a weight loss program in Beverly Hills or any other major life change for that matter, you may be interested in the results of a recent study conducted at Stanford University highlighting the power of visualization to change the way that people behave. [Read more]

We live in a society that is obsessed with being thin and attractive. If you are not at a desirable weight, it can make you feel very bad about yourself. Having a poor body image can prevent you from being happy and having fun with your friends. Instead of thinking negatively about yourself, appreciate the body you have. Know that your body is strong and capable of doing anything. When you are getting lipotropic injections in Los Angeles, think about how much better you will feel once you have a more positive body image. Here are some ways you can create a more positive body image. [Read more]

Breaking Down Barriers

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Whatever your goal is, it can be hard to reach without the right tools. For some, the dream might be to run a marathon, write a novel or even just to get their dream body. If you wait until the perfect moment to achieve your goal, it may never come. Instead of waiting around, break the barriers that are preventing you from achieving whatever it is that will make you feel alive and accomplished. Here are a few of the many ways that you can begin working toward your goals. [Read more]

There is more to medical weight loss in Beverly Hills than eating sensibly and exercising adequately. There is something else that doesn’t require keeping track of everything you eat or pushing yourself to keep going on your treadmill when you’ve had enough. There’s a component of weight loss that’s as easy as catching enough shut-eye. [Read more]

Many people that have struggled with weight management in Beverly Hills all of their lives are accustomed to being treated a certain way. In fact, many overweight people even begin to hide behind their weight, or make self-deprecating jokes that function to build the self-esteem of their friends at the cost of their own peace of mind. As you work towards losing weight it is important to consider the emotional and social changes that may begin to occur in your life, in addition to the physical changes.

Here are a few thoughts to consider as you lose weight in Beverly Hills:
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