Keep Calm and Live Long

Keep Calm and Live LongWhether Dr. Kerendian is helping you lose weight with medical weight loss or fight the effects of age with anti-aging treatments, keeping stress to a minimum is an important part of your journey to health and wellness. One of the major factors in keeping your body’s youthful glow and vibrant energy levels is adequate cellular health. According to a study published in the journal Brain, Behavior and Immunity, chronic states of stress accelerate cellular aging within the body, making your efforts at stress reduction more important than ever.

Though it’s virtually impossible to completely eliminate stress from your life to supplement your anti-aging efforts, you may be able to practice certain behaviors that help to reduce stress in the meantime. In addition to potentially slowing down cellular aging, taking measures to reduce stress can reduce your susceptibility to rapid weight gain or loss, feelings of loneliness or despair and depression.

Here are some ways to help yourself relax and reduce stress to supplement anti-aging treatments.

Compartmentalize – This day and age, it’s considered more honorable to bite off more than you can chew in terms of daily tasks or work projects than it is to successfully finish the ones you were initially assigned. All of these overloaded tasks begin to pile up and sooner or later, the stress begins to set in. Instead of taking on more projects than you can handle or worrying about the few you already have, approach each one little by little. Schedule out how much time you need to work on each of your projects and break up your workload throughout the week so it’s easier to handle. This will save you from stressing out about everything happening all at once.

Perform a Stress Exer-cism – Harboring pent up stress that’s been accumulating for days after a busy work week does your anti-aging efforts no good. The best way to reduce stress is to exercise it out of your mind and body. Take some time each day to release your bottled up stress by engaging in some good old fashioned physical fitness. Not only does exercising regularly keep you in shape, it’s important for balancing and maintaining your energy levels while keeping your mental and physical balance stabilized.

Stop Avoiding Emotions – If you’re dealing with an unpleasant life circumstance such as a death in the family or recent breakup, don’t bottle your emotions inside and hide from the rest of the world. Though avoiding these painful emotions may seem like the best idea at the time, in the end it’s likely to all come crashing in on you when you least expect it. The emotions you avoid in the present will only return in time to affect you even more than they did initially. Take time to deal with your feelings of pain and hurt so you can better learn from the experience and become a stronger person for it.

You can’t hide from stress forever, but you can engage in activities that help keep its levels to a minimum. Don’t let stress take control of your life—try some of these stress-reduction activities during your anti-aging treatment.