Suffering from chronic pain can be debilitating, affecting every aspect of your life and making it difficult to manage even the simplest tasks of daily living. Multiple medical studies have demonstrated that people who suffer from chronic pain like knee or neck pain, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome or fibromyalgia also suffer from a much lower quality of life. [Read more]

More Weight, More Pain

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If you are carrying around excess weight, then you might be more susceptible to chronic pain—particularly in the lower back and knees. However, starting a weight loss plain could actually reduce your pain. As you are searching high and low for a pain management solution, your best bet might be to start considering the benefits of weight management in Beverly Hills. [Read more]

The Weight Loss Dream Deferred

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We all have an image in our heads of how we’d like ourselves to look, that idealized dream-self we strive to make a reality regardless of its improbability. For most people, weight is a key part of that dream-self—we imagine how things might be if we could only weigh as much as we did as teenagers or college students, torturing ourselves over how far we’ve strayed from the skinnier days of yesteryear. [Read more]

Many people that suffer from chronic back pain are severely limited in their ability to move, which makes exercise an increasingly difficult task. However, many studies have shown that exercise can actually help relieve chronic pain, which makes movement an important part of your treatment plan. [Read more]

Finding Relief from Chronic Pain

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If you suffer from chronic pain, then you don’t need to hear how frustrating the enduring discomfort can be. It interferes with the daily lives of tens of millions of Americans without much offered in the way of successful treatment. However, there are options available that many people are not aware of. [Read more]

Tips for Managing Chronic Pain

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Chronic pain can be difficult to deal with, making it difficult for you to go about your normal daily activities. Although it can be hard to cure this pain, especially if it is caused by an ongoing health problem, there are a number of things you can do to make it easier to manage this pain. One option for pain management is prolotherapy in Los Angeles. [Read more]

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