On the Road to Fitness

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Choosing the best route to walk and run in Beverly Hills and Bakersfield can help you meet your fitness and weight loss goals more easily. It doesn’t take much effort, but planning out a route can help considerably. Here are some elements you should consider when setting up the route you’ll be walking or running: [Read more]

The holidays can mean packing on extra weight thanks to excessive amounts of food and a wide variety of high fat and sugary holiday treats. Burn off the extra calories by fitting more physical activity into your daily routine. The holidays bring more food, but they also bring a great excuse to get moving. [Read more]

How Much Exercise to Lose a Pound

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Chances are that at some point in your diet you have noticed that it is much easier to gain one pound than it is to lose one. After a week of eating right and working out, sometimes the scale only moves one little pound down. And while it is important to recognize every individual pound as its own victory, it can be frustrating. [Read more]

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