We’ve all grown to accept that our children are likely to let their science and math skills nose-dive over the long summer holiday but what about their health? Your child’s health is also at risk of decline once school lets out for summer, as a study from the University of Texas suggests that children and teenagers gain weight two to three times faster during the summer months compared to the school year. [Read more]

Obesity, an Age Old Problem

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Between value meals and soda bans, a lot of media attention is given to children who are packing on the pounds, but this type of attention isn’t given to obese Americans of all ages. Obesity is especially an overlooked problem among older populations. While the young and old alike are coping with the growing concern of excess weight, older adults are often left to fend for themselves without much assistance. [Read more]

Fighting Flab after Forty

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Our bodies change a lot as we age. Weight gain and fatigue tend to increase while bone health deteriorates. In women, perimenopause often begins in during the late 30s and estrogen levels continue to decline through the 40s as hormonal levels change. With all of these bodily changes it can be really hard to maintain good health as you age. Medical weight loss programs featuring physician support and lipotropic injections can help you to overcome the burdening bulge of age. [Read more]

Letting Go and Losing Weight

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It can be very easy to become overloaded with things to do. For many people, the line between personal responsibilities and favors for others becomes blurred, especially as you begin to volunteer at your child’s school or run errands for a friend that isn’t feeling well. As you are trying to lose weight, it is important to take a stand for yourself and make sure that you are not carrying around too many burdens that do not belong to you. [Read more]

Recent research results have revealed some important information about weight loss and how to maintain it. It has now been shown that people who are working to lose weight, such as medical weight loss patients, who keep a weight loss food diary are the most successful with weight loss overall.

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