Testosterone hormone is one of the most important hormones in a man’s body. It oversees many benefits that give men their characteristic roles and sex traits, however it is also very important hormone that prevents a lot of ailments. Testosterone hormone helps a man with energy, mental stamina, physical stamina, sexual stamina. With testosterone, a […]

Lipotropic injections and other smart slimming strategies are really something to celebrate by making it easier to prevent holiday pounds from becoming permanent. CARLA G.* came to us last year dreading the upcoming holidays and desperate for help. Despite her best efforts, every year she’d packed on five pounds during the festivities but every year […]


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Progesterone is one of the female hormones that are produced by the ovaries and adrenal gland. It is used in harmony and balance with the rest of the hormones to carry out a female’s hormonal cycle. Besides its important role in sex hormone balance, it has a great function on cardiovascular health, skin health, musculoskeletal […]

What are the different Categories of stress on our bodies? Psychological Stress Environmental Stress Physiological Stress Vitamin or Nutritional Deficiencies Hormonal Imbalances Systemic Inflammation/Unnecessary Oxidation Medical Conditions Anatomical Stress Connective Tissue Weakness Joint Problems Musculoskeletal or Postural Abnormalities How does stress affect us mentally? Mental fatigue with loss of spontaneity and creativity Confusion, including forgetfulness […]

What is Regenerative Medicine?

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Regenerative medicine stems from the word regeneration. Regeneration and rejuvenation of our body’s anatomy and physiology is something that has been ignored by traditional methods of medicine. Up to this point, medical doctors have been treating patients’ ailments and problems by simply reacting to specific symptoms and having knee-jerk reactions to mask the given problem […]

This is Your Body on Fast Food

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The fast food industry has taken over in the United States. In 2012, the International Food Information Council conducted a survey of American eating habits. They found that no less than one in every four American adults eat fast food at least once a day. What is more, they found that more than half of Americans, 52% to be exact, find doing their taxes to be less confusing than figuring out how to eat a healthy diet. [Read more]

Adjusting to a new diet and way of life during a medical weight loss program takes a lot of motivation and energy. In Los Angeles, while you can find motivation through the support and advice of your weight loss doctor, energy can be a bit of a tougher sell—especially after you swear off the milkshake imposter frappes and heavy-whip lattes that always seemed to do the trick. [Read more]

10 Cellulite Myths Debunked

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Ninety percent of all women have cellulite somewhere. While you and all your neighbors may have it, few people know much about this unpleasant but ultimately harmless condition. Read on to get the truth about cellulite myths: [Read more]

An aging body is an inevitable result of living, and much of modern medicine is focused on ways to postpone the aging process. Losing weight in Los Angeles is one important aspect of preventing aging, and exercise is a crucial aspect of any successful weight loss plan. Exercise can do much more for your body than just help you to lose weight. It turns out that the best medicine to slow the effects of age, and even outright prevent some effects, is engaging in a regular exercise program. [Read more]

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