April C: Weight Loss Success*

April has been a patient of Delight Medical for 5 years now, she started with weight management services and has been maintained by us for 4 years now. Along the way she has utilized Dr. Kerendian’s other services such as pain therapy, aesthetics medicine, anti-aging, and just general family practice visits. She has motivated many other patients to follow her path to her improved health and well being.

Here’s her story.

I’m April Chandler, I’ve been a patient of Dr. Kerendian’s for approximately four years. A friend of mine had lost about 120 pounds, and she told me that Dr. Kerendian had helped her so ok I’ll give it a chance.

When I came I kind of developed an attitude that I would never lose the weight. I thought that I had just reached a point in my life that I wasn’t going to lose weight any longer. When I came to Dr. Kerendian’s office, the first thing they did was give me a full medical examination and then I met with Dr. Kerendian. Which I thought was key because he asked me many questions about my eating habits and other things that I was struggling with. He identified some areas that I struggled with in the day and developed strategies for me that I could actually implement in my life that helped me in fact lose weight. 35 pounds in fact.

That contributed to building my confidence back and myself esteem, because when I came there was just a lot of things happening in my life. And then the weight gain that I had experienced was contributing to a little bit of depression, but because of his and the staffs support I felt like I’ve not only overcome not just weight loss, I’ve also been able to have a better outlook on life.

I think that Dr. Kerendian also is selective when he hires his staff; he makes sure it seems to me that his staff is very concerned and they make you feel very comfortable. I’m starting with the people at the desk, all the way to the people that take me back and to Dr. Kerendian himself. I know they have lives but when they are with you, you will seem like the only thing that matters. I am just so thankful for he and his staff, and for what they have extended to me. I feel like they are an extension of my family and friends. They have become so significant in my life and my successes.