Jill: Comprehensive Weight Management*

Hi I just wanted to talk a little bit about my experience to date with the process here. I’ve lost 31 pounds so far and 23 of them are of ugly fat. What I really appreciate about this, is that it’s not just a diet, it’s not just changing the way you eat, its changing your thought process. How you approach food. When you’re eating, why you’re eating and all of that is involved.

I’ve noticed now that I have a completely different approach to food. I still get to enjoy food, I still get to enjoy eating, but I’m eating better and I’m also eating smarter. And it’s definitely made a change. I started at almost a size 10 and now I have just hit size 4. I am almost to my weight loss goal, and I’m about probably 10 pounds away.

I can’t thank the staff here enough on how much they’ve helped me. You should definitely give them a try.