Cheryl B: Weight Loss Success*

cheryl b weight loss success

I came to see Dr. Kerendian January, 2014. My mother and father- in- law had seen Dr. Kerendian in the past and both have kept off the weight they lost through him and highly recommended him. I was completely skeptical about the program, but after multiple failed weight loss attempts over the last 20 years, I was desperate to try anything that might work. I was just “sick of being fat”. At this point, I was even going to the gym 5 days a week and had STILL gained 10 pounds.

Upon meeting Dr. Kerendian, and telling him my struggles and concerns, and even issuing him the challenge of “if you can make me lose weight, it will be a MIRACLE”, he just smiled and said ok, you’re on.  And so it began…..

Over the next 6 months, I miraculously LOST weight at each visit! I was amazed at every single visit when the scale said less. After the first month, where I struggled more mentally with the changes than anything, it was absolutely painless. I hate to use the term “easy”, but it actually was!  Since I chose the option to use Optifast, I didn’t have to worry about making meal decisions, I just had to worry about drinking my drinks when I was supposed to and that worked for me! I learned a lot about my own eating habits, which were the problem all along, despite my insistence on hormone problems or “something being wrong”. Dr. Kerendian and his staff were always kind and supportive during this transition. Dr. Kerendian always took my input and we discussed how to tailor the plan to meet my needs due to my busy work schedule. Without this flexibility, I do not imagine I could have had the success I did.

Now, as I am on the maintenance portion of my experience, I am learning to control the ups and downs.  To maintain my lessons learned, while incorporating normal life experiences that complicate your diet (birthdays, anniversaries, vacations, etc).  I continue to see Dr. Kerendian to help keep me on track. We work together as a team to see if something has changed, to make a plan return to where I want to remain. These follow-ups help me remain accountable for my dietary habits, as well as providing support if I need to get back on track.

I cannot thank Dr. Kerendian and his staff enough for their support and guidance. They have helped me make a change 20 years in the making!  I am forever grateful!  I cannot recommend this program enough! My son, my husband and my in-laws have all participated with similar success stories! Going to delight medical is a no-brainer! Get ready to enjoy your success story!