Brian: 110 lb. Weight Loss*

Brian success story

All my life I’ve struggled with my weight. I’ve always been the one that’s been able to easily gain weight and struggled taking it off. I was very inactive. I felt lousy. I had no energy. I hurt all the time. I have several disabilities and they were being exaggerated by my excessive weight and I was finding my heart racing when I would walk upstairs. I’d been to the doctor and he identified some hypertension, the onset of heart disease as well as other medical issues and I was struggling with the onset of diabetes. I decided I wanted freedom and I knew that I had to seek help but I didn’t want extreme medical treatment.

Starting Profile May-06

Wt: 325 lb

BMI: 43 Extreme High


Medical: Metabolic Syndrome, Depression, Knee Pain, Multilevel disc bulging and pain, Seasonal Allergies, Anemia, Multiple pain meds, Heart enlargement, High Blood Pressure

Fat Mass:

127 lb = 40% of body

Neck Size : 18

Waist Size : 53

Hip Size : 54

Current Profile Oct-06

Wt: 215 lb

BMI:28 Low Cardiovascular Morbidity Risk


Medical:Metabolic Syndrome – Resolved,
Depression – Resolved,
Knee Pain -Improved,
Multilevel disc bulging and pain -Improved,
Seasonal Allergies -Improved,
Anemia -Improved,
Multiple pain meds -Improved,
Heart enlargement -Stable,
High Blood Pressure -Resolved

Fat Mass:

46 lb = 21% of body

Neck Size : 15

Waist Size : 40

Hip Size : 43

I went online, found OPTIFAST, read some testimonials and I went ahead and sought out an OPTIFAST program within my area. I remember I had an appointment scheduled and I called and cancelled it. For the next five minutes I wrestled with my decision of cancelling the appointment. I went ahead and called back because I realized my life was being jeopardized by being obese. I went in for the appointment and got the ball rolling and started on the OPTIFAST program that day.

I had been caught up in eating close to 10,000 calories a day before starting the program. After the first couple of days on the program, I felt so much better, I felt healthier. I wasn’t craving stuff anymore and by the end of the week, I had lost approximately 9 pounds.

My belt that I had before losing the weight was unique because when I first started gaining the weight, I had to poke holes in it because I kept stretching the belt out. It was getting bigger and bigger and bigger. At one point in time, I had gained 50 lbs in six months and I was wearing a size 48 pants pushing a size 50, and I was in denial. After starting the program within the first week I started going the other way. Within a couple of months, I was putting holes in the opposite direction. I see this belt as my life and which way I am headed. It tells a story in my heart. I was snowballing down the hill, and I was going to crash. Now I’ve reversed the direction and I’m living a life…

That belt now hangs next to my front door on a plaque that was given to me by the physician at my OPTIFAST program. It’s a great conversational piece and it reminds me of what I went through and how I was freed through the OPTIFAST program.

The first step is very hard, for anything. But once you take that step with OPTIFAST, you’ll see how easy it is. It’s a very easy program. You’re going to lose weight. You’re going to feel better. Don’t give up. If you give up, you’re giving up on your life. I would say take that step, reach out. It’s kind of like being in the water and you’re drowning and somebody throws you a life raft. OPTIFAST is your life raft.

I lost 110 pounds. OPTIFAST helped me gain control of my life. It educated me to make better choices and has helped me to maintain a healthy lifestyle. OPTIFAST has given myself and my family our lives back. OPTIFAST in two words – New Life.