Gina: 50 lb. Weight Loss*

Gina Front View

At age 28, Gina Sodaro has been happily married, yet been suffering from bad Clinical Depression for 6 years because of her weight problem. She was unable to lose her weight from her 3rd child pregnancy, despite more than 9 different weight loss attempts including Jenny Craigs, Lindora, Weight Watchers, and other “physician supervised weight control centers”.

Four months after the initiation of her treatment with Dr. Kerendian, Gina is a completely improved person with elevations in mood, energy, self-confidence, and self esteem.

Gina Side View

Starting Profile 01/26/06

Wt: 196
BMI: High Cardiovascular Morbidity Risk
BP: 130/ 90
Medical: Depression on two different medications

Fat Mass:

95 pounds = 49% of body
Neck Size : 14
Waist Size : 40
Hip Size : 46

Current Profile 05/26/06

Wt: 145
BMI: Low Cardiovascular Morbidity Risk
BP: 110/70
Medical: Depression resolved and off her medications

Fat Mass:

45 pounds = 31% of body
Neck Size : 13
Waist Size : 31
Hip Size : 40

Treatment Profile:

  • Lipotropic Injections
  • Lifestyle Modification and education
  • FDA approved medications