Ramona: Weight Loss Success*

Ramona is a Hollywood hair dresser who has worked on the hair of many celebrities and actors such as Ann-Margret, Johnny Depp, Claire Danes, Rob Lowe, Heather Graham, Meg Ryan, Seth Green. After hearing about Delight Medical from one of her Celebrity clients, she has been a patient who has taken advantage of numerous services such as pain management, anti-aging, and regular wellness care.

Ramona’s Weight Loss Success Story

Hi, my name is Ramona and I’ve been a patient of Payam Kerendian at Delight Medical for over two years now. Solely changed my life. When I started coming to Dr. Kerendian, I had several health issues. One of them being my knees from a skiing injuries, and I realized that he did prolotherapy. At which point he tried it on me, and I haven’t worn a knee brace in over a year. And I ski cross country downhill in no pain.

I worked about 19 hours a day, a lot on smith stages and it really is hard on the legs and knees. Prolotherapy has kept my joints alive and well. Also I’ve been going to Dr. Kerendian for my weight loss and my hormonal treatment. You must, you must get your hormone levels checked, because it will make an increase and decrease of a lot of things in your life. Including fatigue, appetite, sleep, and irritability. So Dr. Kerendian and I have been working closely on measuring my hormones and using the bioidentical, which are much safer than the synthetic.

It takes a little while to figure out the right balance of your hormones, but once you do it’s like putting your body back into an age, say like when I was in my 40’s. So I’m operating and functioning at that same level of energy that I used to. That is my number one compliment to Dr. Kerendian, that he has been able to help me regain my life back. There for a while when the menopause started and the hormones tweaked, I wasn’t even myself and he brought me back to normal.