April: Weight Loss Success*

April Weight Loss Success

I first came to Dr. Kerendian in April of 2013. One day I woke up and decided, “Today is the day my life will change forever”. Then I called Delight Medical Center. Growing up I never had a weight problem, then in my 20’s I started to gain. By my 30’s I had put on a significant amount of weight. I have tried EVERYTHING, all the crazy diets out there and I actually considered the lap-band. I’m so glad that I called Dr. Kerendian first. From making my appointment to my first visit, I never felt judged, or as though I was just a number and not a person. For people that have experienced struggles with weight, know that it’s very emotional, personal, and extremely difficult to talk about. I was ashamed for so many years and decided it was time to stop hiding from the world; I instead needed to get out there and be a part of it. Due to medical issues, it was important to me that I go to a physician to help me lose the weight and monitor me throughout the process.

Dr. Kerendian along with his amazing staff are WONDERFUL! I never felt ashamed or embarrassed, and I know that Dr. Kerendian truly cares about my success to obtain my goal to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Alexis is always so helpful and her positive attitude helps me stay strong in my journey.

Thank you again for helping me achieve something I truly never thought I would again, EVER…. A SIZE 6!!

April 2013
Weight: 220 lbs.
Fat Mass: 110 lbs.
Body Fat Percentage: 51%

April 2014
Weight: 120 lbs.
Fat Mass: 30 lbs.
Body Fat Percentage: 25%