Iliana: Weight Loss Success*

Why did you first come to Delight Medical Center?

I started noticing that I just started putting on a lot of weight. My eating habits hadn’t changed and my exercise level hadn’t changed, but it looked like when I looked at food I just started putting on weight. So I was going to different doctors and I kept saying, “There’s something wrong here, I’m just putting on all this weight,” and no one could tell me why. They kept saying, “You need to exercise more, oh maybe you should stop eating as much. Well you know you’re getting older, so maybe that’s why”.

How was your first meeting with Dr. Kerendian?

What I liked about him initially was that the first day I came in they told me I had a time and, “this is what we’re going to be doing: we’re going to do a metabolic study on you, we’re going to do all of your labs and we’re going to do an EKG. So we’re just going to do all of the basics first and then you’re going to come back when we get all those results back, you’re going to come back and you’re going to spend an hour to an hour and a half with the doctor, and he’s going to go over all of that information”. I came back for the follow up appointment and he actually sat down and went basically line through line with me. He told me, “This is why this is, and everybody might tell you that your thyroids are okay, but is it okay for you because one size doesn’t fit all”. So it was very individualized, he asked me what my goals were. That was the first time I felt since I was trapped in that body that somebody was actually listening to me and hearing me say: “You know I have not always been this size, there is something that’s not right”.

What did your weight loss program look like?

We went down and picked out what it was I wanted to do, and how I would go about it. He didn’t force me to choose a certain way, and he tweaked a lot of the medications that I was on. Put me on bio-identical hormones and thyroid medicine, and just a lot of different things that like I said no one else had done. I walked away from my initial encounter with him feeling very hopeful, more so than I had in years.

Did you notice results?

I was 217 pounds, today I am 164. So it’s like the weight just started falling off of me.