Andrew: Weight Loss Success*

Andrew found Dr. Kerendian as a referral from a colleague who had lost a significant amount of weight with Delight Medical. Upon his 1st evaluation he was found to have an alarming cholesterol level to a point of affecting liver function. Dr. Kerendian’s evaluation and tailored treatment regimen allowed Andrew to do what he wasn’t able to accomplish with other plans or other doctors, which is to lose 30 pounds in 3 months and reverse his liver and cholesterol levels to a healthy level. He is now maintaining his weight and his cholesterol levels are controlled, and also has experienced overall health improvements.

Andrew’s Testimonial:

So after meeting with Dr. Kerendian, he made some suggestions about the program. And I started that about four months ago, and stayed with it very strictly. With the shakes, injections, the exercise, at least twice a week sometimes three to four. And over the course of about three and a half months I’ve lost just under 30 pounds. I’ve now kind of weaned off the program a little bit, and have worked protein back into my diet and have become more conscious about my diet and exercise and health. I’m really happy with the results of the program.

I consider Dr. Kerendian and his staff real aids in this whole process. I think they will be a part of my life as long as I live, because this isn’t something I think can be solved in two, three, four months. This is an ongoing process and they have finally helped me achieve my goals. And I’ll need there assistance to stick with this for a long time to come.

I’ve had a great experience here, and I’ve recommended the program to a lot of my friends. And they’ve come in to check it out as well and they are seeing results as well. So I’m very happy with my results, and I would recommend this program to anybody.