Cindy: 40 lb. Weight Loss*

Cindy became acquainted with Delight Medical as she accompanied her husband for his weight loss efforts. However, she dedicated herself to losing the extra pounds that she had gained over the last few years. Her “before and after” blood test and health comparison, along with the tremendous social and health improvements have made her a much happier individual. The potential 45 different disease states related to being overweight were definitely spared by her pro-active decision to lose weight.

Starting Profile July 2006

Wt: 180
BMI: 28
Waist Size: 39″
Hip Size: 46″
Neck Size: 13″
Moderate Cardiovascular Risk

Fat Mass:

70 pounds = 39% of body
Cholesterol: 170
Triglycerides: 140
Diabetic factor: 5.5
Insulin Level: 10

Current Profile October 2006

Wt: 140
BMI: 21
Waist Size: 28″
Hip Size: 39″
Neck Size: 12″
Very Low Cardiovascular Risk

Fat Mass:

Fat Mass:
42 pounds = 29% of body
Cholesterol: 120
Triglycerides: 45
Diabetic factor: 5.0
Insulin Level: <2

Treatment Profile: