Local So. Cal Officer: Testosterone Therapy*

Local So. Cal Officer

I’ve been a police officer for decades and have sustained many injuries from the job. Seven years ago I underwent major back surgery and had intestinal and hernia complications. My body’s production of testosterone abruptly stopped after the surgery. I’ve tried multiple replacement options. Not only were the gels expensive, but the product was wasted during the application and absorbed in the clothing. The daily use was time consuming. Dr. Kerendian’s pellet method of hormone replacement resolved these issues.

Now the proper level is constant and it lasts for months. This has greatly assisted in now being able to regularly exercise with less pain and quicker recovery. My health has improved considerably. Dr. Kerendian’s attention is structured for a personalized plan for proper diet, exercise and monitoring of cholesterol, triglycerides, hormones, etc. I recommend Delight Medical and Dr. Kerendian.