Ray: Weight Loss Journey*

Ray came to Delight Medical with the recommendation of his son who had experienced tremendous results here at Delight Medical.

Ray had been injecting himself with Insulin for 20 years as he was diagnosed with Diabetes, and had been on multiple meds for his diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, sleep problems, back problems, joint issues and pain, migraine headaches, and on a CPAP machine for his sleep apnea.

Upon his care and treatment plan from Dr. Kerendian, he has noticed the following Benefits:

  • Discontinuation of his diabetes medication
  • Discontinuation of Insulin Injections
  • Significant Improvement and superb control of his sugars (1st time in 20 years)
  • Significant drop in Blood Pressure
  • Discontinuation of Blood pressure medications
  • Discontinuation for the need of his CPAP machine
  • Decrease frequency of migraines
  • 65 lbs of FAT tissue lost in 4 months
  • 19% Body Fat Reduction in 4 months
  • Maintained results up-to-date
  • Better Enjoyment of LIFE!