Roy K: Weight Loss Success*

What Dr. Kerendian’s done that other doctors don’t do is I’ve noticed, of course he’s a different kind of doctor he’s a bariatric doctor, but my regular doctor doesn’t spend any time with me. It’s just he comes in and gives me my physical and he’s out the door really quick. And what I like about Dr. Kerendian is that he sits down and really listens to you, and spends quite a bit of time with you. He talks with you, finds out your problems and gives suggestions as to what you can improve on.

I’m sixty years old, so what happens is your knees get shot when you get older. So what happens is, I had a torn meniscus in my right knee and I had to have surgery on it last December. So I did that, but now I have problems with my left knee. But I notice that everything I’ve done here has helped me along with the exercise, has helped me to improve that condition. So I’ve noticed my knees are in a lot shape.

And of course I feel better overall. I have less pain; I’m sleeping better that type of thing. My sex life improved also, especially with those herbal shots. They really helped me maintain my stamina and everything. So that was really good. My wife did the saliva test and then they got her set up on a thing that helps her with her hormones, a cream. That was really well because it actually increased her sexual appetite, which she’s in her 50s. Kind of shocked me, so that was kind of a good thing. It was kind of nice.

So anyways, I would recommend if anybody is looking to lose some weight or improve their overall health it’s a good idea to give Delight Medical a try. See if it works for you. The neat thing about it is the doctor and the staff will work with you to help figure out a program for you. So thank you very much.