Tamala: Weight Loss Success*

Hello, my name is Tamala Jones and I am a loyal patient at Delight Medical and Wellness Center. This place has done so much for me. I’m an actress in Hollywood, currently on the show called “Castle.” Yes I had to throw a promo out there. But that is not the reason I said that, the reason is the business I’m in is so hard about weight loss and being overweight. I am a very curvy woman, so as I get older, I won’t tell you my age, I’ve been having problems with weight gain.

And I looked online and I found Dr. Kerendian. I saw that he gave shots of B12 and someone was telling me just go get the shots of B12. And once I got here I saw a bunch of other things that he did that were really great, and a healthy way to lose the weight. To pick on like the foods that you eat. He has so much of a great selection here, and the food actually tastes great. Sometimes diet food tastes disgusting, but this food I have favorite dishes and they’re so cool because you throw them in the car. You know, sometimes I don’t want to eat the catering at work, I have those and they’re full of protein and they’re great for you.

I’ve done also the Mesotherapy, and that is the injections to help get rid of cellulite. Which it did, and it helped me lose a tremendous amount of weight. I did that along with the B12 and the fat burner, and he has a new and improved one I’ve been getting and it’s really a lot better than the first one he got. So he’s always improving, he’s always trying to get the best for his patients. And he does it in such a healthy way, because there are so many ways to lose weight and not all of them are healthy but this is.

And now, this is something new I’m doing the Myers cocktail vitamin drip. That is an IV and he places every vitamin that you would need for your body inside of the IV bag. Makes sure it’s all mixed up pretty well, and I feel so energetic. I felt very slumped over when I came in here, but it’s like an instant energy. And not only does it help with energy, it helps with asthma and muscle spasms and cardiovascular disease. Any kind of chronic pains, you know just a bunch of things, its like directly going into your system which I think is brilliant. I’m glad that he got this, and I will be doing this probably twice a month.

I think older people should get the flu shots, because they are subjected to get real real sick. I’ve decided not to do the flu shot, although he does offer it. I’ve decided to do this instead. You know, to do it the natural way. So you have some many different options when you come here, to take care of your body to take care of your health, and to make sure your living right.

So I would tell anybody, if you’re looking to lose weight looking to maintain weight your looking for beautiful skin, because they take care of that here too, great facials here. You’re looking to just have well being, that’s why I love Delight Medical and Wellness Center because it’s all about a delightful wellness for your body.

So anyways again, I’m Tamala Jones one of his loyal patients. I will always come to him, till I’m old and grey. And I’m just telling everybody, this is the place to come. They’re right on Wilshire and La Cienega, in the Flint Publication building. On the sixth floor, room 670. My favorite room here. Again come, please do.