William: 68 lb. Weight Loss*

William Front View
William started working with Dr. Kerendian at the Delight Medical & Wellness Center on October 20th, 2005 weighing 307lbs.

William was taking taking a blood pressure medication, and a cholesterol lowering medication and was under treatment for a chronic heart rhythm disturbance called PVC’s that have the potential to be deadly if left uncontrolled. William also suffered from knee pain, heal pain, and was unable to be active in life which resulted in low energy and depressed moods.

Now, almost 70lbs lighter, William is able to ride his bike for 2-hours without problems and is living a healthier lifestyle feeling like a “new person.”

William Side View

Starting Profile 10/20/06

Wt: 307
BMI: 40 – Extremely High risk for Cardiovascular Death
BP: 140/70
HR: 80

Fat Mass:

105 pounds = 34% of body
Cholesterol: 258
Triglycerides: 189
Bad Cholesterol: 181

Current Profile 3/20/2006

Wt: 239
BMI: 31 – Low risk for cardiovascular death
BP: 110/70
HR: 60 -athletic heart condition

Fat Mass:

57 pounds = 24% of body
Cholesterol: 190
Triglycerides: 108
Bad Cholesterol: 135

Treatment Profile: