William W: Weight Loss Journey*

William was involved in an unfortunate traumatic accident in the year 2004 which left him with major spine fractures. After his major back surgery he was forced onto inactivity and pain medications, which lead him to gain over 100 lbs.

After numerous failed diets and weight loss attempts with other centers and physicians, he decided to see Dr. Kerendian.

Dr. Kerendian’s in depth evaluation allowed him to tailor an affective weight loss program for William that has helped him lose 85 lbs over last 5 months, and he is still losing 2-5 lbs per week on a very comfortable regimen.

William is now off of half the medications that he started the program with, has better blood pressure, better cholesterol, better sleep, more energy, much improved lab results, and an activity level that he didn’t imagine before.

He has more weight to lose, so we will update his progress again in the near future.